norbert.fischbach photography

*6th of January

Master student Photography 
University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin
Diploma student Photography, 
Fotoakademie Koeln

My creative journey is diverse and encompasses multiple disciplines, including 30 years as an entrepreneur in event communication, communication design, graphics and product design.
I successfully sold my company in 2020. Since then I have immersed myself in the world of photography. I am studying at the Fotoakademie Koeln at Frank Dürrach, Oliver Rausch and also some honorary lecturers, like Uta Konopka, Maya Claussen, Christian Ahrens, Marvin RuppertDavid Klammer, Boris Eldagsen and Yasmin Awad.

As I continue my journey in photography with the Master program at the UE of applied sciences in Berlin in 2024, my goal remains capturing life's essence, telling stories one frame at a time.

Photographic Masterclasses

I have attended various masterclasses with Katharina Bosse, Goetz DiergartenJessica Backhaus, Ute Noll, Simone Klein, Peter Bialobrezski and not to forget the wonderful Sandra Mann, who has become a mentor to me throughout all semesters.

In addition to the masterclasses, I attended various photographic workshops, covering topics such as color management, calibration and profiling, digital printing, creative imaging, documentary photography, and composition. Renowned photographers and instructors, including Rolf Walther, Lee Starns, Mai Loc , Stephan Fengler, Prasad Np and Morteza Ariana facilitated these workshops in Germany, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.