Hotel Solitude

A fictional-subjective photo story of three events in hotel rooms that happen again and again. They describe the loneliness of hotel guests. Abandonment, lack of relationships and emptiness are described in short stories, which also become clear through the absence of people in the picture. The camera view allows the viewer to participate in what is happening up close.

A recurring design feature is the hotel light, standing in the room like a full moon, as a metaphor for loneliness and melancholy, as well as the room windows as a sign of "way out, escape, but also hopelessness". The hotel is where the events happen and connects all stories together.

the transformation

Loosely based on Kafka's Gregor Samsa, who increasingly loses contact with his social environment until he is completely ignored by his family and friends. At Hotel Solitude, Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman who numbs his loneliness with alcohol.

chronicle of a death

The hotel room is a favorite place to die. Well-known stars like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison or Jimmy Hendrix died in public, in suicide tourism people die discreetly. But in most hotels you die anonymously, especially in Las Vegas. The city's hotels have the highest suicide rate in the United States.

fucking berlin

Prostitution in hotels is ubiquitous. A Berlin hotel manager: “Under certain circumstances, the offer of purchasable sex could represent a supplement. Prerequisite: prostitutes do not appear clumsy, not vulgar and do not damage the reputation of the hotel!” From "Hotelsex: Prostitution in the hotel a nuisance?", 02.06.2012 | Wolfgang Ahrens I