Hofgut Armada

Corporate photography in the style of portraits and stills. A farm where children can get to know life with farm animals.

Learning farm Hofgut Armada:
The "Harald Knettenbrech Foundation" was established in 2005 as a foundation for children's aid. The Hofgut Armada, whose history dates back to the 12th century, rewrites history with its active horse stables, an educational farm for children and the adjoining hostel. The farm lives through the people and animals involved. With their educational work, they support projects for sustainable development in order to make children and young people in particular strong for the future. The photographs show the values of the farm and the ideas of the founder: experiences, getting to know each other and togetherness...

The portraits:
Against the dark background, the people and animals become the core element of the photographs. They are the focus and their importance in the company is highlighted. At the same time, the individual characters are developed. Her love for animals and her work reflect the company and its philosophy. The portraits are classic and timeless. They're the kind of photographs that get a "place of honor."

The stills:
Individually placed or grouped in front of a white background, the teaching aids develop their very own character and a childlike life of their own. While the dustpans stand at attention and wait to be used, the brooms have already thrown themselves down exhausted, the rakes stand together as a group and chatter wildly and the stools can hardly wait for it to start... the teaching materials reflect playful learning and the kids fun.