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Monstober, WfK (Wiesbadener freie Kunstschule), 2023, Oktober - November
Walhalla Tales at Villa Clementine Wiesbaden (Vernissage) and City Hall Wiesbaden (Exhibition), 2023, September 27
1st »Who’s next«, WfK (Wiesbadener freie Kunstschule), 2023, January - March 
14th »Black and White Fine Art Forum«, Mainz 2018, November 24
12th »Black and White Fine Art Forum«, Mainz 2016, November 19


My photo series "Yes to diversity - No to racism" received an award from the Federal Ministry of Education as part of the school's submission. In particular, the commitment to diversity and the fight against racism was recognized. The photo series "Walhalla Tale" was awarded first place in the "My Walhalla Story" competition of the city of Wiesbaden.

In addition, my creative work in communication design and product design over the past 20 years has been recognized with over 50 prestigious awards such as the global iF Communication Design, the iF Product Design and the Red Dot Product Design Award. Also several European prizes, and especially the German DDC Product Design Award and twice, the German Design Prize Nomination of the German Design Council the highest Design Prize in Germany, in the areas of communication and product, as well as other design categories. My achievements also include gold, silver and bronze awards from the US New York Festivals, including awards in the film, video and communications categories.

Norbert Fischbach
Mitglied im BFF Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e. V. 
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